Floorequa is the knowledge and development center in the field of modern, comfortable and sustainable underfloor heating.

We provide knowledge, develop innovative services and produce for all players in the underfloor heating market: installers, wholesalers and manufacturers, in the Netherlands and internationally. We also objectively inform consumers via social media about everything related to underfloor heating. In this way, Floorequa wants to contribute to a more sustainable world

Services and products
Floorequa continuously works on the latest services and products in the field of underfloor heating, including:

Floorequa supplies customized complete installation plans, including drawings, calculations and a list of required materials. More information can be found here: www.thefloorheater.eu

This software developed by us offers the complete solution for all calculations required for the complete and efficient installation of underfloor heating. You can find the online software (in Dutch) here: www.calstrim.nl

This composite manifold specially developed by Floorequa consists of one piece, making leaks a thing of the past. The use of the composite housing also prevents corrosion and condensation. More information can be found here: www.floorequa.com/hulqua-en

Knowledge sharing
We provide the business market and consumers with objective information about underfloor heating via social media, blogs and newsletters. We do this to create awareness and clarity. With this we want to contribute to a more sustainable world.

We also conduct research to continue to improve underfloor heating. The knowledge gained is used in the above knowledge sharing and we also apply it in our products and services. We are constantly on the move, together with our clients, to strive for the best possible underfloor heating while also contributing to a better environment.