With Calstrim, we’ve developed an online software programme for calculating floor heating and cooling. Together with users, we’re continuously improving the software in order to meet the requirements of our customers and future users.

Calstrim allows you to easily make a tailored floor heating calculation. Calstrim is a very user-friendly online software programme for calculating the most energy-efficient floor heating solution. The calculation can often be completed within 5 minutes.

Capacity calculation
Achieving the perfect heat balance by comparing the capacity with the heat losses.

Calculating volume flows
Calculating the volume flows to set up the floor heating perfectly.

Cooling and heating calculation
Calculations for cooling and wall heating are also possible.

suitable for all systems
Suitable for wet construction, dry construction and systems using aluminium guides.

A report in PDF and Excel format including an overview of required materials.

An extra check calculating floor temperatures and pressure losses.

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